Saturday, September 19, 2015

A desire can change the world!

Everyone has desire and everyone wants to fullfill those desire as well. And when you closely observe the life- you will feel that bigger or smaller the boat of desires are floating on each and every heart. Yes I can understand a desire can take an ugly or beautiful shape. It all depend who is owner of that particular desire and what his perception towards that?
If we take the example of our epic  Ramayana, Rama & Ravana had the different desire and in order to get the desire full filled they struggled and as a result who won the game?
Yes, you are right- Rama was the winner.
Lets talk about the epic Mahabharta and in Mahabhartha who won the game ?
No prize for guessing the right answer… Yes we all know the Pandava’s won the game after struggling a lot.
Apart from this mythological example If we look at our history, it is filled with lots of example like Mahatma Gandhi , he had the desire to free our country from the Britishers but at the sametime  Britisher had the evil desire to slave India forever.
And we all know lots of freedom fighter sacrificed their life in order to get India free. Why  did they do that?
Because desire to get India free had already taken birth in their brave soul.
This struggle was earlier in the history and it still has the root in Modern India as well. 
Despite having good feeling about Pakistan we still do not get the positive participation of our neighbour country and as a result they keep on firing at the border and participate in lots of terrorist activities which is not good for the health of both the nations.
Expecting something good is not possible unless and until we are not able to convert our desire into a meaningful one. Otherwise suffering of life will keep on prevailing in our society and will create a hindrance for a peaceful growth for both the country because we can not expect peace under the sound of bomb.
A meaningful and a creative solution are the demand of time and we need not to take it lightly and start something which can show the world that we still are rooted and know each other very well. It is only possible if  we participate actively for country growth and can prove the world that long issue between us has been resolved and we both are interested  for growth and there is no place for hatred, jealousy and ill will for each other.
If i tell you about my desire then this is one of them that I want all the dispute of world should resolve amicably and maturely and this can only happen when the  desire to experience something unique will  take birth in our heart and soul.
Any desire of our heart and soul has the potential to become true but we need ask ourselves- Are we determined enough to make it real?

An apology...

After a long time i thought to write something but before i write something i would like to apologize  for not updating my blog for so long and not informing my reader the current status of mine as well.

Yes situation was different which required my immediate attention that time. Hope my readers will understand the situation.
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