Friday, April 27, 2012

A Mask...


Wearing mask everyday,

it not excites me anymore,

Tired of being cruel,

I made my soul impure.

Purity was flowing… 

Like a river inside my soul,

I made this river dirty,

Coz , somewhere I was insecure.

Now...I want to make it clean,
and pure.

But how?

Who will help me?

I think…no one except my  wounded soul,

I still have heart who can feel,

but before that  

let ‘s  get  it healed…

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I love You..

I think...

something happened,

there in the sky.

Wind got angry and warm,

and broke all her norms,

converted  herself- a big thunderstrom,

It was roaring like, lion in the forest.

Sun was wise,

He kept himself aside.

It was dark all around,

Thunderstorm and lightning...

It was nothing but frightening!

Just to ease;  thunderstorm pain,

And to persuade her, God sent her best friend-  beautiful rain!

Rain persuaded her long,

And said, you kindly stop

And let me sing a song.

It was my mistake,

And I was entirely wrong.

Its Ok, you didn't like my view,

But the fact is that,

I Love You...


P.S.: Since yesterday evening the Delhi weather is so cool and  pleasing..I am loving it:)

Friday, April 6, 2012


You make me  fool once,

I  forgive you twice.

If you’ll do it again,

You’ll  hear,

Forgiveness from my voice,

Am I really a stupid?

Why am I doing this?

By doing this...

They all are helping me,

to clean my soul,

In reverse they are corrupting their own.

I want to remain like this,

forever in my life.

Time will tell them,

Who is actually fool,

And who is wise..

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