Monday, January 30, 2012

Angry Moon:)

Angry moon went to the – God,
and said , I can not tolerate- anymore,
they all are fraud,
I will not give light that’s for sure.
Now a days, I feel very insecure,
God was surprise to hear this!
and wanted his problem to be fixed.
So the God asked,
What happened?
Why you are so upset?
Did anybody hurt you or Said something bad?
You tell me,
I will teach them lesson.
So the Moon start
narrarting his agony
He said, every lover on the earth
they unnecessary drag me,
to their romance.
If girl ask boy,
What he can do for her,
boys always say,
they will bring down moon
for her.
So I am very frightened now!
God smiled and said,
Don’t take them seriously,
Don’t pay them any heed,
Without you,
Their love story is not complete
Now come on
Show me your smile
And go back to your work
And Shine…

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Let me congratulate you
You got something New
 Natural smile will bloom your face
Its time to regain your grace
Coz You got a brand new toy
You gave birth
To a baby boy
Isn’t it time
For celebration
Accept my heartiest

Friday, January 20, 2012

Soul Confusion..

Where my soul
Wants to wander
Sometime on this tree
Sometime on other
Very few attracts me
Most of them distract me
I think
My soul is carrying
Confusion of mine
This is the time
To decide
Whether I want to be Stupid
Or want to be wise
Stupid way is so attractive
But this time
I want to be selective
This is the time to
Decide a way
Everyone is happy here
Everyone is smiling
But who knows?
What  assest they
Are compiling?
Which is making their
Heart stink
Still they are not aware
So I don’t want to go- this way
It is far from reality, I just want to say
On the otherhand
*Wise* way was
Looking so dull
But its aroma was
Making my soul stir
It is so calm
Here they don’t carry
Love but *compassion* in their heart
But I wonder
Why the population
So less here
A voice from the crowd say
We only admit those
Who don’t have fear
Fear of loosing- someone
Fear to  initiate something-new
Those who realize
And want to become wise
They are not found in abundant
But-are very few
If these sound good to you
You can apply too
Where every soul is divine
And every soul is uttering-only one word
Freedom is mine
Freedom is mine..

After  this I went under the deep thought and realized that In this university I can any time take admission without showing my marksheet, without showing my birth certificate, no need to clear entrace exam, no interview here I can  experiment with my thoughts….Here I can do lots of things which will propel me to evolved as a true human being, where my enternity is waiting for me….should I take admission here?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nature silent-Prayer.

Delhi is chilling
Winter compressed
My feeling
Every birds are
In deep silence
Like they want to
Avoid violence
Violence of fog
Defeated the sun today
Seize the divine energy
On its way
Now the fog
Spreading its wing
Want to stop everyone
Who wants to sing
Today nature is
 Doing silent prayer
Coz  Sun is missing
And Fog spread everywhere
No one can
Imprisoned him
For long
Because I know
He is so strong
When he will arrive
He will make
Everyone bright
Till then lets do
A silent prayer..

O Rain!

O Rain! O Rain!
Without my permission,
You always,
Take away my pain.
Who composed,
your music?
who sent,
you  down?
I always wonder,
and always frown.
You purify everything,
from your touch,
give a seed,
a new birth.
I always, lift my head,
towards the sky,
but your drop,
compel me,
to close my eye.
Everyone enjoy you,
and forget  their strain,
without my permission
you always take away my pain..

On this chilling winter in New Delhi I am missing  Rain- Is anything wrong with me?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Liked this New Planet.

We are in search of
Another planet
Where we can have
Same atmoshphere
I would advice them
Come to blogshpere
Look at the new world here
Where  people are expressive
Write their heart out
And appreciate other loud
Everybody  like a motivator  here
After coming here
I don’t want to go anywhere
That’s the attraction of here
Ladies and Gentlemen
This is called blogshpere..

Are you ready to take Reverse gear?

Who wants to take reverse gear
Neither you nor I
Till I am getting
My way ahead
Then why would I
Suddenly a wall
Came ,strong as a rock
Engrossed all the crisis
Crisis  for  environment
Crisis for the planet earth
People got scared
Started their prayer
Sudden realization
Of not caring the beautiful
Planet  arrived
Anxiety of survival appeared
Everyone got ready 
Shift to the  reverse gear
now everyone not only
caring tree and making it green
 People are riding their bicycle
to make my earth  crystal clean.
I know the climax of my poem is far from reality but I hope day will come when we won't hesitate to take reverse gear..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I dont want to be straight line

The straight line,
desire everyone,
its means,
they don’t want to stop,
but constantly want to gallop...
neither wants breaker nor any full stop.
If they,  confront anyone of these,
they don’t feel please.
Have you asked?
A straingt line
what its desire is,
it also want to go,
up and down,
and want a twist,
nor it wants,
any moment to miss,
So everything is vital,
in life,
If possibl,
Understand the language of life...
Inspiration taken from Sujatha tweet.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Eagle eye.

Like an eagle
searching my aim
Hovering around the sky
Just for an opportunity
I know, like him
I don’t have that sharp eye
Got my vision blurred
I don’t know why
Is it because people around me
Or  I am not recognizing me
Just to improve my vision
And remove my confusion
Early in the morning
I close my eyes for a while
When I opened my eyes
I was feeling refresh
In life I got interest
Now I am not having any confusion
Because this way
I improved my vision.

तू नया है तौ दिखा सुबह नयी शाम नयी
वर्ना इन आँखों ने देखे है नए साल कई.
A very Happy New year.. 
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