Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New Struggle.

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you so much Annaji  for giving us hope and   your great contribution  for this revolution otherwise  people had forgotten  Gandhiji  how bravely he fought for the nation  with Britisher who were initially very adamant to quit India but later on realized the power of unity and power of non-violence.  Otherwise these things we used to hear  from someone or used to  read in books and never experience any revolution personally. But   the lost forgotten memory is once again revived by  the latest version of Gandhi ji , “Shri Anna Hazare”  and  this historical revolution  was witnessed  by our  new generation who has the responsibility to make this country  a paradise,  and I know  in their heart they had this emotion and severly frustrated by the series of corruption which were directly pointing towards my govt. function and commitment to make this country a corruptin free. In the right time the right thing happened and Anna Hazare rised like a sun and won the confidence of not only the young generation but every class of our society, and declared  that he has the clear  vision to eradicate this corruption which is spreading like cancer in every level of society. The way my Anna chose to protest againt govt. was purely inspired by the great Gandhiji.

In entire process, initially govt. got panic for a moment and revert back Anna protest by giving various disturbing and stupid comments about Anna Hazare , but govt forgot that the disturbing  and stupid comment is not only going to Annaji but also to the people of India. I can understand that in panic situation people do stupid thing  and my govt. is not different from other  and I would say that we all should accept this stupidity of my govt, because like us, govt. must have forgotten revolution like Quit India could  happen again and were sure that the personality like  Gandhi ji could not be born again. So for this act of stupidity, My govt. deserve forgiveness and should be forgiven.  But at the same time I would like to appreciate my  Govt  sensivity to understand  the language of the nation  and handle this revolution and managed everything very well. Now the people will ask why Govt. took 12 days to realize this. Then I would  say that changing the perception of anybody is not an easy task because most of the people cements their perception, and leave no chance of flexibility and develop poor listening power and lost sensivity to understand other. Same thing happened with my govt. also, they had their perception and cemented it and left no chance of flexibility and this cemented perception  converted into  their ego,  and fighting with ego is always very difficult   because to fight with ego you need to accept your mistake, you need be sensitive , you need to be calm, you need be ready for realization and willingness to improve. For the authentication of this I would like to  add the statement of my govt. by Pranab mukherjee and I quote “Our democracy is powerful enough…flexible enough to accommodate different viewpoints…Parliament does not necessarily follow the conventional law making…I accept the lapse of my govt.”-Pranab Mukherjee and this kind of statement comes when  you defeat your ego and accept your mistake. Which is essentially required to combat the battle of Ego.
So I am not surprised that govt took12 days to realize this,  instead I am happy that atlast they defeated their ego in a very mature way. And for this I applaud both govt. and Anna ji team by showing  maturity and  great flexibility in their perception and understood that this thing certainly will take its time, and I see the breaking of Annaji  fast a win-win situation for govt. and civil society.  So there should not be any feeling that Anna ji defeated govt, instead we  should  say Govt. realized  its mistake and is   ready to sing with Anna to eradicate the corruption completely, and if this mutual understanding walk for a long, I am sure that  Annaji demand will be a law.

So allow me to thanks all the people who helped us to see the new horizon and hope,  and  I would like to thank My Govt., My media, every one who were the part of revolution , everyone  who is living far away from Delhi and could not come to Delhi and felt patriotism from their home, My Delhi police vis a vis traffic police  to manage the crowd well, every foodstall in Ramlila ground who were giving strength  to the crowd by providing them food free of cost, every volunteers , MCD , all the celebrity who came to ramila ground and shared their view and last but not the least Sri Sri Ravishaker ji who gave spiritual support and divine touch to Anna ji on nation behalf.

AT last I would like to  say  something, a unique pattern has started in India and this uniqueness will take us to the top of world  where other country  will give our references for great democracy and corruption free country. 
Jai ho!! 

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