Monday, September 19, 2011

Started the journey.....

The idea of  blogging did not happen all of sudden but it was teasing me for a long. Sometime people carry so much emotions in their heart but don’t dare to write or don’t know how to write and same thing  was happening with me. Whenever I would sit on P.C. and after writing four or five line I would put my finger on backspace key and pressed it till all the item I’d written disappear and this process had been happening for a long. If I tell you the reason for this then I would say when you have confusion about anything and not having clarity on anything you tend to do so many stupid things and it was one of them. But I could not undo my first post when I wrote about Anna Revolution  and that’s how my first post was born. Believe me that’s gave me immense pleasure, happiness & confidence when one of the senior blogger Sujatha  read and appreciated, appreciated Anna indeed. It was joyous moment for me and I was feeling somebody cut the ribbon of my blog. Thanks you Sujatha once again for giving your precious time to read a new born baby post. Hope this new born baby will soon learn the basic of writing by reading my senior bloggers post. I do not want to be too emotional on this and hope the journey which I started will Go a long way....
Mithlash Jha. (M.J)


  1. that was your first step & every journey begins with the first step. make sure you keep at it,come what may.
    hope to see more posts from you Mithlash. keep writing :)

    the community of bloggers is really good, many of them helped me too. they are not selfish, they like to see each other grow. that's my experience.


  2. You have a way with expressing thoughts, Welcome to the blogosphere...

  3. @Sujatha:Thank You so much for your wonderful piece of advice:)


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