Friday, April 27, 2012

A Mask...


Wearing mask everyday,

it not excites me anymore,

Tired of being cruel,

I made my soul impure.

Purity was flowing… 

Like a river inside my soul,

I made this river dirty,

Coz , somewhere I was insecure.

Now...I want to make it clean,
and pure.

But how?

Who will help me?

I think…no one except my  wounded soul,

I still have heart who can feel,

but before that  

let ‘s  get  it healed…


  1. How true Mithlash.. We wear a mask on our faces and hide real we just to impress others. Its difficult to heal our heart but surely we have to try.. Good one Mithlash:)

    1. Yes we have to try....Thank you so much Sonia for reading:)

  2. """Like a river inside my soul,

    I made this river dirty,"""""

    isn't that where we all as humans fail? a big thing said in very simple words

  3. insecurity is What makes all of us wear a mask and spoil the purtiy of our mind answer soul. Very well said.

  4. Uplifting and saddening at the same time. Though I loved this expression,

    "I think…no one except my wounded soul"

    Beautiful work...:)

  5. long time tht i visited :)

    love the poem and can relate to it...


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