Saturday, September 24, 2011

Turning Inside.

We  all landed this earth with spiritual power  but as we grow older  we forget  this power  and as a result  we  forgot to smile and every teaching of life seems  miserable to us. But believe me anytime  you
Can use  this inbuilt power   by turning inside. ….

Think  and think where it will take me,
How  will it save me, people ahead never turns back,
coz for them, success is,  looking ahead,
Realised all these, thought  should move ahead,
but where will I go that was the case.
Confused mind, confused thought,
confused desire were making me sad ,
At the same time wanted to move ahead,
Wanted to seek advice but didn’t get the wise,
Finally first time went inside and realized he was with me all the time,
Always ignored him that was my crime…
Got the answer from him;  have patience and everything will be fine,
Day will come when you will  touch the star and shine..
Your teacher is your difficulties, which you are facing now,
Day will come when you will say wow!
Always follow your heart , no matter how dangerous or foolish they are;
If you will trust me, you will be a Star;
Next day when I woke up, I was happy & smiling , like I got the  whole,
Because, today I got the company of my Soul :)


  1. Lovely thought binding the poem. Please use shorter sentences instead of long lines or break it in smaller ones using rhyming words. The poem will be more easy to read...


  2. Thank you so much Saru for reviewing my first poem and I'll seriously follow the valuable advice you've given me. Thank you so much once again.

  3. @Sujatha: Thank you so much ma'am!


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