Tuesday, November 8, 2011

God-I found her:)

One day I had nothing to do anything special   and was in the mode of  thinking, and after sometime I started digging my heart, so in process of doing this I found in the corner of my heart  one thing lying unconscious in a miserable condition. After seeing her I got puzzled and I went near to her and tried to wake her up but in vain.  Then I splashed water on her after few minutes she gained conscious and first question she asked me  who was I . I replied her that My name is Mithlash and this is my home but  what were you doing over here  and who made you like this. First she said nothing but when I repeated my question   she reverted back   my question and said,  for This  situation I was responsible for her. Once again I was in the state of astonishment and puzzled and asked what was  she saying , Is it me who was responsible for this?I demanded an explanation from her and she started narrating the whole story to me that god had sent her only for me and so many time she knocked  the door of me  but I entirely ignored her, but after sometime she managed to enter inside when I was in a deep sleep.    Since then She  numerous time tried to remind me and after sometime she realized that my focus was entirely somewhere else. ATlast  she lost her courage and fainted there and then. Since then she had been lying unconscious but she thanked me   for waking her up, after narrating everything and after a long pause she said to me,  if ;I  really did not want to accept her that’s ok , she would not disturb me anymore .

After listening all these thing, I   went to a deep thought and started realizing , that god especially sent this writing skill to me to explore the world and help other to share my wisdom. How stupid I was, then  I  apolozised  her and said that it was my biggest mistake   that I exploited  a beautiful  thing which were  lying inside me. Then I made up my mind that from nowonwards I would look after her and groom her well because this was  not a normal gift but this was the gift directly from God, and if a god had sent something for me I must be utilizing it for the well being of other and me. After this I hugged her,  promised her that I won’t betray her ever. And then  I requested her for a date and we both went to the isolated place where we chatted for a long  and  frequently exchanged smile.

Next day when I woke up I was feeling so refresh, so energetic and so calm.  But now people will say that I was dreaming, but believe me I found something which is really  going to be very valuable for me.

Thank you God and Thank you Saru for splashing water on my face for waking up  this Kumbhkarna from his sleep:)


  1. Awww, first this is a brilliant story. Any writer will love it. Second, you are truly talented. So, exploit your hidden treasure. Your narration is simple yet profound. Honestly, I liked it so much that from now on to motivate me, I will read it.

    I'm so happy and thrilled by your post. Please put it on Indivine.

  2. Sometimes talent lies withing us, but we don't search for it, therefore it lies unnoticed.
    Now that you have found it, you should work on it as much as you can :)
    Nice post!

  3. agree with Philo - now that you've realized it keep at it Mithlash - wish you well - dont become kumbhakarna again :))

  4. Wow ...i loved it absolutely how you mirrored the 'her' with your writing should write more often! :)

  5. I am thinking about this post yesterday night when I was reading Hidden Riches. You are truly talented.


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