Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Speak lie but Why?

Pure truth, like pure gold, has been found unfit for circulation, because men have discovered that it is far more convenient to adulterate the truth, than to refine themselves.
Always speak truth that’s what we have learnt from our teachers, books  and from our well wisher. Believe me so many people tries to maintain the  rhythm of truthness in their life but fail to do so most often,  because when they observe the area around them or people around them, the ice of truth start melting. Outside temperature of people, society or principles the people follow,  compel a ice of truth to melt.  So the purity of the people start melting and they  change themselves and take the help of a lie. This  equation made by so called society  where truth seems to be ugly, senseless, tasteless,baseless and wasteless.
On the otherhand a lie, a deception comes in a attractive package, most appealing, most rewarding. Visiblity of lie is so clear and you can recognize it from far distance . On the other hand try to see the truth, visibility would be blurred, even any spectacle would not give us the clearity and in a result truth seems very doubtful to us.
I don’t why I am writing this but one day my nephew came and  shared that he got selected in school badminton team and was happy. After hearing this I also felt happy because I knew he played well and and would  usually get maximum guidance from me. But after two days he told me that if he had not spoken lie he would not have been selected. That’ gave me shock, because a guy who is eight years old, studies in 3rd standard, having his own perception about truth. Being the uncle of him I always encourage him to speak truth and forgive him whenever he speaks  truth . After that  I was thinking how I can help him to change his perception.

Now the second incident happened with my friend who also was believer of truth. After  getting the tag of job hopper he did not want to speak lie infront of interviewer and this habit of him always got no entry  from the company for the job he is looking for. He shared everything with me and said now I will have to change the gear and should take the help of lie. Though he was mature enough so I left everything on him and within a week he was smiling and was having appointment letter in his hand and showed the result of speaking lie.
Take any politician, any businessman or any category of man, they are ready to mix a pinch of  lie for the betterment of their life . Today we talk about  to eradicate corruption from the society but how will it happen, when the basic  of people going other way round. So In order to become corruption free society we need to correct the basic and the basic is to  prevent ourselves to speak lie otherwise corruption will remain in the society  and lead us to fatal situation where the coming  generation would feel suffocation and will not get proper oxygen. I hope we don’t want to build tomorrow like this.


  1. You know lie is not perceived as lying any more. It's termed as the smart way of living life, sadly of course. I too believe in speaking the truth and so I have lost a lot.

    Hope this world lives by all the good principle...Nicely written, love the way you used 'melting' in the writeup.

  2. Mithlash 'uncle' (hihihi), sahi compare kiya - gold and truth ko.

    job interviews is not the place to be a sathyaharishchandra! i am saying this because i too learnt it the hard way like your friend. there is a fine art in interviews called not telling a lie but not telling the whole truth either.
    for example, a bad relationship/fall out with your previous boss need not be highlighted. it is not lying but you are not telling the full truth either

  3. @Saru: You are right lie is not perceived as lying any more & see Sujatha is approving this & pulling my leg by saying uncle. Saru this truth always demand a great amount of sacrifice but believe me sticking to this will always give u natural grace, natural smile & calmness which will surely reflect through your poem. Thank you Saru :)

  4. @SUJATHASATYA : Thank you for calling me uncle.. Felt I became papa:) . Ma'am you are right interview is not the right place to be satya wadi Harishchandra.. But think about those who are more into lying than truth & will make your life & organisation painful n soon you will say working in organisation is not the right place to be satyawadi Harishchandra n will keep shifting your view, soon your lie will grow n will take strong root in your personality & soon you will find it's very hard to come out from hell of lie.

  5. Thank you for sharing this to us my friend! Yes this situation is happening now, we have the nature of being truthful but the society around us change, and so we are carried by such change, but I know for now it is not too late to change and to regain what we had before... our hearts have place for it, we have it back to circulates and rule our entire humanity! :)

  6. I agree with Saru, Lying is considered part and parcel of speaking. And today, we are in a world where we need to please anyone and everyone and speaking the truth just portrays us as a very rigid person. Sad!

  7. Hey wonderfully said:) This post is exactly wat v come across in our day to day life. I too believe in being truthful. I think rather then pleasing some1 by a lie its better to please our self by being truthful:) BTW thanks for going through my posts and i m following u now:) Keep writing :)

  8. True, these days lying is hardly condemned. Sad, very sad. But my exp. says speaking the truth and being honest saves u a lot of trouble in the long run and makes u stronger than liars who're nothing but fake..Its a phase where interviewers might be selecting based on lies right now, but its slowly dawning upon ppl that accepting lies in the long run weakens existence. I personally feel that ppl who speak the truth might be losers short term, but long-term they are trusted and winners everywhere. Because what can be a bigger compliment than having people trust on ure word sometimes more than evidences. :)


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