Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are You All Right?

Are you all right
Want to ask her.
Long time back
When she detached
From my life, it was she
Who was feeling guilty
And wanted to fight
Sorry dear, couldn’t do anything
All fault is mine, could not fight with world
And could not show you the light
Only thing I want to ask you
Are you all right?
All effort of mine
To hold you back in my life
All in vain, left me with so much pain
Entirely confused about you
How will you move ahead
When your medicine left behind
My mind always juggle and fight
The only thing I want to ask

Are you all right?.
Image courtsey: google


  1. Yup,
    I can understand your internal feelings..
    Same situation is mine. My heart is not with me now.. So missing her desperately...

  2. medicine left behind? i didn't get that

  3. @SujathaSatya : For a lover their medicine is their love who is left behind so yahan par kavi Mithlash ko medicine kah rahen hai.

  4. The pain of losing a loved one is evident!

  5. I never knew you write such meaningful poems. It is poignant yet the expression was beautiful. Few words and usage was totally amazing.

    The ending was definitely very impressive. Love the selection of image.

    Profound and keep writing...:) Loved it!!!

  6. @Ashwini: Thanks for visiting my blog:)

    @Saru Singhal:Thanks for your awesome comment which is entirely enough for pampering me and I dont know how much day I will take to digest it. Well On a serious note, You are the one who reviewed my first poem and you asked me to break the line in shorter and make it rhyme. So for a long I've been trying this and I dare to write my two poem on you first as my comment and this is third one. Once again Thank you for your encouraging comment. Its like I got the ISI mark:)

  7. hhmmmm...its always painful when someone you love leaves or being left by us....well penned thoughts.

    and thanks for visiting my space, plz do visit again, thank you :)

  8. With time one moves on, but yes, the memories stay. The guilt pricks.
    Your post is so relatable!
    Nice one :)

  9. oh achcha ji ab samajh mein aaya :) thank you

  10. Thank you so much for your comment :) Hope to see you again!

  11. @Irfanuddin: Thank you so much and sure I will visit again n again:)


    @Sujatha Sathya:Samajh mein aane ke baad bhi, you didn't say anything about my poem:(...But happy, you visited twice:)

    @Philo: Dont worry I will come again n again:)

  12. Hey Mithlash, Lovely poem and thanks a lot for ur lovely comment.. C u again:) N ha..Please Keep Writing:)

  13. Memories can kill.....
    Loved how you crafted this one!! Expressive!

  14. @Sonia:Thank you Sonia Ma'am:)

    @Red:Bad memory is like slow poison. Can Kill anytime.
    Thanks for appreciating my work:)


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