Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sun & Fog- Fight

Started my bike
For a office ride
Amidst of fog
Everything was visible
Even the sun was shinning bright
All of sudden
Sun & fog started fight
Where fog  covered
the sun with its density
People down the earth
Were amazed by sun & fog fluctuation
And finding hard
 drive to their destination
Intention of the sun was so nice
Where  he didn’t want
To see people in trouble
And wanted to show the light
After  few minutes of fight
Thank God, they both compromise
Everyone felt happy
And enjoyed their ride..
Because of their fight I reached my office 30 minutes late..


  1. Sun and Fog fighting is like an alien story for d people like me staying in south india. But can imagine how it is by dis post. Very nicely written.:)

  2. haha u reached 30 min late because of their fight!!! isiliye bade budeh bolte hain jhagda mat karo :D

    nice pic to accompany the poem

  3. LOL...I guess you are an evolved poet now. Bravo!

    Starting of the poem was super and last 5 lines were totally awesome...

    Great one Mithlash!

  4. @Sonia:no prroblem, you can exchange your place with mine.....coz I too want to explore South India for a long.Thanks a lot for appreciating my work:)

    @Sujatha sathya:Ye baatein insaan ko pata hoti hai...ab inko kaun samjhaye:) Thanks you ma'am!

    @Saru singhal:Caution: extra dose of compliment can cause digestive problem to the poet:)Felt nice when you used word evolved-I know I have to cover long way to be evolved. I felt great that you liked the poem and Thanks a lot for encouraging me again & again:)

  5. hmm a gripping read,the fight b/w fog and sun!!nicely mad mind makes me think it is much deeper..a fight b/w hope and doubt,darkness and light~~

  6. Hey Mithlash - thanks for stopping by...
    A very Happy new Year to you as well :)

    coherence of words and image -- umm well written - 30 mints late form office :P haha

    following you - i would be glad if you follow me back!!

    love x

  7. @Rohit: Thanks and you are right you can interpret either way..once again thank you so much appreciating the work..

    @Shama: Thanks Shama...Well it would be my pleasure to follow you.


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