Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Eagle eye.

Like an eagle
searching my aim
Hovering around the sky
Just for an opportunity
I know, like him
I don’t have that sharp eye
Got my vision blurred
I don’t know why
Is it because people around me
Or  I am not recognizing me
Just to improve my vision
And remove my confusion
Early in the morning
I close my eyes for a while
When I opened my eyes
I was feeling refresh
In life I got interest
Now I am not having any confusion
Because this way
I improved my vision.

तू नया है तौ दिखा सुबह नयी शाम नयी
वर्ना इन आँखों ने देखे है नए साल कई.
A very Happy New year.. 


  1. I wish everyone opens to wisdom like this. Powerful poem...

    Happy New Year Mithlash!

  2. Very encouraging lines....
    Keep up writing.....
    Best Wishes....
    Have a great year ahead...

  3. Ahh dats encouraging:) Keep improving ur vision and grasp at ur goal with right aiming. May this year brings lots of good luck to you and all your dreams come true. Happy New Year Pal:-) Keep Blogging :)

  4. Oh wonderful, u summed up meditation in the morning beautifully.
    And the part about people around causing confusion. So true.
    An entire concept put in simple lines simply but beautifully.

  5. Nicely written. We need to keep improvising :-)

  6. you are getting better and better Mithlash

  7. @Saru Singhal:Thanks! And Happy New Year Saru!

    @ Roshan: Thank you and wish you the same:)

    @Sonia: Thanks and thanks for your wonderful wishes for the new year and Mithlash wishes you the same:)

    @Madhusha: I felt great that you liked it. Thanks:)

    @Ashwini: Yes you are right we need to keep improvising. Thanks Ashwini:)

    @Sujatha Sathya: Because my first post read by Sujatha the great...So improvement tau honi hi hai..Thanks for your initial appreciation:)

  8. I loved the theme of this poem-the eagle eye!! very catchy.The poem is intriguing!

  9. @Rohit: I am Happy that you liked the theme of my poem. Thank you so much appreciating!


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