Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let's Play the Game of Chess!

I was sitting
Gazing at sun
And thought
My life is mess
It is  nothing
It is of no use
And this is making me
entirely confused
Suddenly voice of god
Whisper in my ear
And said
Why you are
Having fear
Don’t make your life mess
Lets play the game of chess
It is nothing
But its actually a test
Where  every move of mine
Would be a challenge
To encounter my attack
You will have to hear your inner  voice
And every move of your will be a choice
Keep making choice
Keep listening your inner voice
Time will come
When you will rejoice..

P.s.- Again inspiration taken from Sujatha tweet.


  1. the way you've transformed a simple sms into a poem brilliant Mithlash!

    btw, what's the meaning of your name? i always wanted to ask but bhoolti rahi :(

    1. Thanks Sujatha! Well the actual spelling of my name was Mithilesh Means Mithila ka Naresh(The king of Mithila)which actually ruled by King Janak-the father of Sita..And you remember a guest post on your blog by Madhav Mishra(A wedding & A Bachelor), He was discussing the same place where I belong to. From the begnning I used to hate my name. To know the reason just go to Ashwini post(The story of my name) where I explained in detail. I consulted a Numerologist and he aligned my name-Mithlash:))

  2. The game of chess :) Nicely put. You come up with inspirational stuff. :)

  3. Nicely put up.. This is simple yet so powerful poem of urs.. Sometimes I feel I wish I cud put up words in such an organised way.. Keep Writing:)

    1. I am overwhelmed by your comment Sonia...Extra dose of appreciation can cause digestive problem to a Poet:)Thank you so much:):)

  4. Making choices and listening to our inner voices, is never easy. Nicely written.

    1. I know its never easy but its not too difficult also:) Thanks for Your comment:)

  5. Hello.
    First time here.
    WoW! I'm impressed that you came up with this just from a simple tweet. Very creative indeed. That inner voice of ours is usually right. Shame we don't always listen.
    Nicely expressed!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Hope you will stop by again sometime.

    My latest post:
    This Pink Rose

  6. This is beautiful and profound. You are evolving with every piece you are writing.

    Great work, yet again...:)

  7. Profound :) Truly profound Mithlash :)

  8. Very inspiring and deep. You brought out the emotion really well. Nicely written. :)


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