Friday, June 1, 2012

उफ़ ये गर्मी ...

गरम  हवा ,
तपती  धरती,
जैसे  आग  के  शोलो  पे ,
जल  रहा  हो  बदन!
वो  ख़ूबसूरत  चेहरे ,
तुम्हारी  ही  वजह  से 
ढक  लेते  है ,
अपना  तन  बदन !
क्यूँ , क्या  हुआ  तुमको  ऐ सूरज ,
किसने  तुम्हे  धोका  दिया,
तुम्हारे  इस  गुस्से  ने,
सबको  यहाँ  झुलसा  दिया !
चलो  अब  तौ,
मान  भी   जाओ ,
ज्यादा  न  यूँ ,
नखरे  दिखाओ,
इस  तपती  धरती  को,
थोडा  प्यार  दिखाओ !
इस  तपती  धरती  पर,
थोडा  जल   बरसाओ ...


  1. hahaha.. Nice:) Describing Delhi heat with the little humor makes the poem lovely :)

    1. Thanks Sonia and I am very happy to write this because Sun granted my request n it rained today:)

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  4. its baking here at our place @46'C...that too without electricity most of the time.....

    1. Same thing I am also facing here, but I am happy after this poem it rained today.
      Thanks for reading the poem:)

  5. thats so swee.. dekhte hai yha kab barish hoti hai :)

    1. Thanks, dekha poem likhi noon mein,
      Evening mein baarish hui,
      Suni meri awaaz usne
      Kitni jaldi guzarish meri puri hui...

  6. I'm desperate for the rains :(
    Any idea where Sujata is lost? I can't seem to find her blog!

    1. Same here, hope you must have got the glimpse of rain:)
      Sujatha is not lost, she is very much in blogging but as her PC is severly affected and will take time to get it well, so she is spending time with books and occasionally update her status from cyber cafe. But as far as I know she recently updated a interesting post on her blog.
      So go and read it...

    2. hey thanks Philo... so nice to know you missing me/blog. give me some time dear will read your in a big soup (technical prob with comp) so unable to read blogs as regularly as i would like

    3. thanks sweet of you.. :))

  7. Uff garmi,, haye haye garmi..but garmi is also about mangoes... fountains..water melon.. water parks,, and kids vacations..:)

    1. Yes Ruchi Ma'am you are right, Garmi is also about Mangoes, fountain, water, Nimbu paani, Roohafza, ice cream, water melon, nariyal paani, summer vacation and etc. etc.
      Thanks for reading;)

  8. aha! what a poem! most people get irritated by the garmi , people like me but you went one step ahead and actually wrote a nice poem on it
    and i did remember the ad Tapthi Garmi Mein Mausam aaya.....some of your lines are ad/product promotion worthy :)

    and as for Blore we touched 37 degrees which was HOOOOOT for us!

  9. Actually this one is a mix of emotions, naughtiness and love. It is a lovely read!


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