Wednesday, June 27, 2012

लम्हा ...

ना तो  वो  लम्हा  रहा ,

मेरे  साथ ,

और ना  ही  वो  ज़ज्बात ,

एक  ही  चीज़  जो  नहीं  गयी  रूह   से ,

कितनी  बेदर्द होती  है  ये  याद !

कोशिश  तो  बहुत   की,

हमने  उन्हें  भूल  जाने  की ,

तुम  साथ  नहीं  हो,

मेरी  रूह  को  नहीं  है  ऐतबार !

शायद  पाकर   खोना  उन्हें ,

ये  मेरा  नसीब  था ,

हाथो  पे   लिखना  नाम ,

वो  दिन  भी ,

कितना  अजीब  था !

मालूम  न  था ,

कागज़  की  कश्ती की  तरह ,

ये  प्यार भी  पानी  की  आगोश  में  समां  जायेगा ,

और  मेरी  आँखों  में ,

सिर्फ  आंसुओ  का  दरिया  छोड़  जायेगा ….


  1. Love is painful, yet we fall in love. Longing and separation portrayed beautifully.

    1. Before entering into it, no one knows how painful it could be...BTW Thanks for reading and appreciating it:)

  2. This is so so so very beautiful.. To be frank, whenever I read a Hindi poem of yours I can feel it with all my heart n my soul.. There is a heart piercing pain in these lines.. Just out of world Mithlash.. Already read it twice now reading it once again after publishing this comment.. :)

    1. Thank so much Sonia for this wonderful comment of your. I have no word what exactly I am feeling after this beautiful comment. So without being emotional, in a simple word I want to say, Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating it:)

  3. heartfelt. Love can cause so much of pain, but how fruitful it is to endear all that for a person who may not care that much. Balanced relationships, we all crave for that, isn't it?
    Wonderfully expressed.

  4. Yes Jenny, You are right Love can cause so much pain. Yes we all crave for balanced relationship.

    Thanks Jenny:)

  5. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you liked my work :)

    1. Your are welcome Juhi...Keep up good work:)

  6. Beautiful!



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