Thursday, January 12, 2012

Liked this New Planet.

We are in search of
Another planet
Where we can have
Same atmoshphere
I would advice them
Come to blogshpere
Look at the new world here
Where  people are expressive
Write their heart out
And appreciate other loud
Everybody  like a motivator  here
After coming here
I don’t want to go anywhere
That’s the attraction of here
Ladies and Gentlemen
This is called blogshpere..


  1. *Whistles* This was all i have in my heart about blogosphere.. But i had no exact idea of how to put it in words.. I really loved the way u hav written it.. Well, Even I m in love with dis new world and after knowing this world even I dun wanna go anywhere.. Well said Mithlash :)

    1. Wow mithlash. what a wonderful little poem. Love the way you've written about blogosphere.Made me smile :) and connect to it :)

    2. Thank You so much Madhusha ma'am! I just tried to write Nursery rhyme:)

      Thank you so much Sonia ma'am and felt great you liked it:)

  2. yes...i love blogsphere very gave so many wonderful friends out here......

    1. Yes You are right and this is only reason I am liking it. Thanks!

  3. when i opened the page & saw the epic, i was wondering which planet!!! and then you surprised me with the last line in the poem. yes it is a nice world out here

  4. True, true and so true...Amazing planet and it rocks!

  5. I like the sly humor in this too.


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