Monday, January 30, 2012

Angry Moon:)

Angry moon went to the – God,
and said , I can not tolerate- anymore,
they all are fraud,
I will not give light that’s for sure.
Now a days, I feel very insecure,
God was surprise to hear this!
and wanted his problem to be fixed.
So the God asked,
What happened?
Why you are so upset?
Did anybody hurt you or Said something bad?
You tell me,
I will teach them lesson.
So the Moon start
narrarting his agony
He said, every lover on the earth
they unnecessary drag me,
to their romance.
If girl ask boy,
What he can do for her,
boys always say,
they will bring down moon
for her.
So I am very frightened now!
God smiled and said,
Don’t take them seriously,
Don’t pay them any heed,
Without you,
Their love story is not complete
Now come on
Show me your smile
And go back to your work
And Shine…


  1. WOW...Loved the poem and these lines are just awesome - "Don’t pay them any heed,Without you,
    Their love story is not complete"

    1. Thank You Saru..You made my day:):):)

  2. Hey dats so lovely thinking of urs.. I just loved the moon's innocence that u have brought up here.. U have shown moon complaining to God like a 5 year old little kid complaining to his mother.. And I am sure that all the complains of moon will run away as soon as he reads this lovely poem of urs.. Keep Writing:)

  3. Thank You Sonia and I felt great that you liked it so much...Wish he could read my poem:):)

  4. wah! this was lovely! the conversation and the way moon was upset - so beautifully expressed :) feel like giving one copy each of this one to every lover so they can also understand the feelings of the moon!!

    1. Ha..ha..ha..even I was also thinking the same, so every lover can understand the feeling of the Moon!! Thanks and I felt nice that you liked it..:):):)

  5. awesome outlook.. strange we never think from the moon's perspective do we?? Great imagination!!


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